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Welcome to Neutex University

Neutex has been providing education of LEDs, Energy Efficiency, and Healthy Buildings for the last 20 years to educate communities, focusing on how to provide enhances health, wellness, and productivity to building occupants while minimizing the impact on our plant.

commercial led lighting upgrades blog post
LED University

5 Commercial LED Lighting Tweaks to Double Your Money

It’s likely that you already know the many benefits of LED lighting when compared to conventional lighting such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. As a refresher, we’ll remind you that LED light fixtures are much more efficient, safer, longer-lasting and emit better light than conventional bulbs. It’s a

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led lighting for schools made simple
LED University

Lighting 101: LED Lighting for Schools Made Simple

LED technology is nothing new, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits associated with this type of lighting. But there’s something to be said when it comes to hearing about the benefits of LED lighting versus actually seeing the payoff first-hand. That brings us to one of the

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