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LED Lighting

Commercial - Industrial - Disinfection - Grow

Whether you need your LEDs as a light source, for protection against microbes, or to help grow plants, Neutex has proprietary solutions to help meet your goals. Click on a photo below to learn more about Neutex solutions.

- Advanced | Eco-Friendly | Energy Efficient -

Commercial Lighting

With a full warehouse and on-site shipping capabilities, Neutex excels at delivering high-quality LED lighting fixtures for your next commercial project on time and efficiently. We serve electricians, property managers, and business owners engaged in new and retrofit lighting projects. Our extensive network ensures that our indoor and outdoor lighting solutions are readily available and efficiently delivered to your doorstep. 

We understand the importance of timely and reliable delivery in keeping your projects on schedule, whether you are upgrading indoor workspaces or enhancing outdoor areas. By choosing Neutex as your LED partner, you benefit from our vast selection and swift service, ensuring that the right products are at your site when you need them, seamlessly supporting your next lighting project.

Industrial Lighting

For the last 20 years, Neutex has helped factory and warehouse owners develop lighting plans and solutions, expertly catering to their unique needs.

In warehouse and factory settings, we understand the critical importance of high-quality, energy-efficient lighting to ensure both safety and productivity. Our products include robust high bay lights, known for their powerful illumination and durability, ideal for the high ceilings and expansive spaces of industrial environments. For exterior spaces, our parking lot lighting solutions are designed to provide high visibility and enhanced security, using LED technology for energy efficiency and longevity.

Whether it’s the precision task lighting required in factories, the broad coverage needed in warehouses, or the reliable, bright lighting for outdoor parking areas, Neutex delivers tailored lighting solutions to meet the demanding requirements of industrial spaces.

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20 Years of Lighting Design and Installation

Neutex stands out as a multifaceted lighting partner, offering much more than just high-quality lighting products. We understand that successful lighting solutions require a blend of expert design, product excellence, and professional installation. To this end, we offer specialized lighting design consultations, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and create custom lighting designs that perfectly align with their vision and requirements. Beyond consultation, our skilled team is adept at installing a variety of lighting fixtures with precision and care, ensuring a seamless integration of our products into your space. With Neutex, you gain a partner that brings a comprehensive approach to lighting — from conceptual design to the final installation, we are dedicated to illuminating your space with innovation, functionality, and style.

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- Advanced | Eco-Friendly | Energy Efficient -

illumiPure's Air Guardian Plus, providing both air purification and surface disinfection.
SafeSense AI combines thermal imaging and AI to provide energy insights, management, and much more.

Disinfection Lighting

As an industry leader in innovative lighting solutions, Neutex is a manufacturer and preferred partner of illumiPure, the healthy buildings company.  Our collaboration positions us at the forefront of this emerging sector.

With this partnership, Neutex offers unique disinfection solutions, such as filterless air purification systems (Air Guardian), non-UV disinfection lighting (CleanWhite), and healthy building control and monitoring systems, which combine data that measures occupant health with energy efficiency.

These systems are designed not just to illuminate but to actively disinfect spaces, measuring and improving the health, wellness, and productivity of the occupants inside. 

While this technology is critical in certain sectors, like healthcare, daycares, and schools, there are immense benefits for any business to add products that utilize disinfection LEDs in the areas of their business where illness can occur, such as restrooms, lunchrooms, conference rooms, and other spaces where people gather.

Healthy Buildings are not just good health deicisions, they are good business decisions.

Grow Lighting

Neutex has partnered with Calyx Cultivation to provide the research and development for grow lighting, maximizing plant growth potential in greenhouses, labs, and even indoor stadiums.

Our collaborative efforts have led to the creation of specialized lighting systems that cater specifically to the needs of plants at various growth stages. These innovative grow lights provide the optimal spectrum of light, mimicking natural sunlight conditions, which is crucial for photosynthesis, healthy plant development, and yield improvement.

This technology is particularly beneficial for controlled environments where sunlight exposure is limited. From accelerating growth in commercial greenhouses to enabling year-round cultivation in research labs and large-scale indoor agricultural projects, Neutex’s grow lighting solutions are revolutionizing the way we support plant growth, offering a sustainable and efficient approach to modern agriculture and horticulture practices.


Calyx grow lights being tested on several different vegatation types.
Neutex employee processing LEDs