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Manufacture with Neutex

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Our Facility

Spanning 54,000 sq. ft., Neutex’s manufacturing facility is strategically situated in Houston, TX, in close proximity to Bush Airport and the Port of Houston. Since Houston is a major transportation hub, this ensures swift and efficient movement of materials and finished products. We are EPA and FDA-registered to assist in meeting any production needs.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and machinery, enabling us to produce a wide range of high-quality lighting products and components with precision and efficiency.

The factory layout is uniquely suited for specialty LED products and has been meticulously designed to optimize workflow and reduce lead times, ensuring that we meet the demands of our clients promptly.

At Neutex, we take pride in our Houston-based facility, which serves as a hub for production and packaging, embodies our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service in the lighting industry, and helps meet our core ESG goals of providing American jobs and training from within.

Our Capabilities

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Distribution for Specialty Fixtures

Have a specialty LED product that you’d like distributed in the United States? We’d love to talk to you about being your distribution partner. Our facility is ideally located for ground, sea, or air travel, and Neutex has agreements in place to get your products moving tomorrow. 

We enjoy assisting taking new products to market and will work with you business to ensure you have space to grow your inventory and your business. 

Neutex and illumiPure work together to create speciality disinfection LEDs that eliminate pathogens.
New equipment right after delivery in 2021 as part of Neutex's clean room expansion.

Class 4 Cleanroom

Within the walls of the Neutex manufacturing facility is an 8,000 sq. ft. Class 4 Cleanroom designed for the production of semiconductors. Our 2021 addition doubled cleanroom space and tripled production, allowing Neutex to produce over 100,000 specialty LEDs daily.

On-site you will find all the equipment needed to manufacture and store LEDs including multiple die bonders, wire bonders, and testing equipment, bending tape and reel machines, micro freezers, dispensers, pick and place machines, and reflow machines.

Your LEDs can then be stored, shipped, or immediately built into your product, with our production facility just outside of the cleanroom. Staff are cross-trained so that every member of the Neutex staff understands the importance of clean room protocols, even if they do not work inside the clean rooms.

Having all the resources right next to each other, combined with the cross-training of employees allows for unparalleled quality control and quality assurance processes. Items that do not pass quality control can be immediately processed by clean room staff if it is believed LEDs are the failure, resulting in new solutions and process in minutes instead of days and weeks. 

We are always looking for exciting new products to manufacture at our facility. If you have a specialty LED that you want manufactured in the United States, give us a call and let’s turn your next product into a reality.