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Chris Romani Takes the Helm as Neutex Advanced Energy Group's New CEO

By Vennard

Neutex Advanced Energy Group, a Trailblazer in LED Lighting, Welcomes New Leadership

Houston, TX – Neutex Advanced Energy Group, renowned for its innovative strides in the LED lighting and energy solutions sector, is thrilled to announce a significant leadership transition. Chris Romani, a visionary in the realm of healthy and smart buildings, steps into the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective October 1, 2023. He succeeds John Higgins, the interim CEO who will continue with Neutex as the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Chris Romani: A Beacon of Innovation and Leadership

Chris Romani’s appointment as CEO marks a new chapter in Neutex’s storied history. With an impressive background in leading advancements in healthy and smart building technologies, Romani is well-equipped to steer Neutex towards a future brimming with innovation and growth. His expertise is not just rooted in his extensive industry experience but also in his unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Chris’s journey in the energy sector is a tapestry of diverse leadership roles, encompassing construction, marketing, and healthy building initiatives. His notable tenures include his impactful contributions as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at East Texas Precast and as Chief Marketing Officer at illumiPure. In these roles, Chris has demonstrated a unique ability to foster innovation and propel organizational growth.

A Seamless Transition of Leadership

The baton is passed from John Higgins, who has adeptly guided Neutex through a crucial phase of growth and transformation as the interim CEO. Higgins’s leadership has been pivotal in cementing Neutex’s status as an industry leader. As he steps into his continued role as the Chair of the Board, Higgins expresses unreserved confidence in Romani, stating, “Chris’s deep understanding of the energy industry, strategic vision, and passion for sustainability make him the perfect leader to guide our company to new heights.”

Chris, embracing his new role with zeal, shares, “I am honored to join Neutex Advanced Energy Group as CEO. This company has a long history of providing solutions that benefit both the health and the pocketbook of businesses and residents. I am excited to lead a team of innovators in the LED industry and build upon this legacy.”

Looking Ahead: Innovation and Expansion

Under the leadership of Chris Romani, Neutex Advanced Energy Group is set to amplify its market presence and drive forward with cutting-edge technologies in smart and healthy LED solutions. The company remains steadfast in its mission to deliver sustainable energy solutions that cater to contemporary needs while safeguarding our planet for future generations.

In this era of dynamic change and technological advancement, Neutex’s commitment to innovation, led by Chris Romani, positions it to light the way in the energy sector. Stay tuned as we continue to cover this exciting journey of growth and transformation at Neutex Advanced Energy Group.

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