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Welcome to Neutex University

Neutex has been providing education of LEDs, Energy Efficiency, and Healthy Buildings for the last 20 years to educate communities, focusing on how to provide enhances health, wellness, and productivity to building occupants while minimizing the impact on our plant.

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Neutex Named “Fast 100” by Houston Business Journal

Neutex Named “Fast 100” by Houston Business Journal Recently featured in the Houston Business Journal, Neutex LED Lighting is cited for it’s fast-track growth and energy-efficiency initiatives. President and CEO John Higgins was interviewed regarding the company’s success and was cited discussing how important energy efficient LED Lighting is for

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NEUPath Foundation™

NEUPath Foundation™ NEUTEX created the NEUPath Foundation in 2011 as a means to allow our employees to support a charitable organization of their choice. Employees recognized annually for their contributions to NEUTEX are asked to pick an organization of their choice to support for the following year. NEUPath Foundation then

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NTX Labs

NTX Labs NTX Labs, which is a subsidiary of NAEG (NEUTEX Advanced Energy Group), was designed at first to support the Lighting products of NAEG. It was soon realized that NTX Labs could reach out to other lighting companies to assist in the testing of third party products. NTX Labs

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