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NEUPath Foundation™

commercial led lighting
NEUTEX created the NEUPath Foundation in 2011 as a means to allow our employees to support a charitable organization of their choice. Employees recognized annually for their contributions to NEUTEX are asked to pick an organization of their choice to support for the following year. NEUPath Foundation then directs funds to that organization in the Employee and Company’s name. Most recently NEUTEX learned of a church in close proximity to our Houston manufacturing facility that had lighting challenges that prohibited safe parking and pathways for their parishioners. The church did not have the financial means to purchase and install the lighting. NEUTEX leadership presented the case study to the NEUPath board and quickly secured the necessary funding to donate the LED fixtures to the church. NEUPath also educates young adults about energy conservation through the school curriculum created for 5th and 9th graders. The week‐long school curriculum is focused on energy conservation within the walls of the school. The curriculum guides the student thru a study of how the school saves and wastes energy and then creates a solution for the necessary steps to solve the issues. LED lighting, HVAC, wind, solar, recycling are all part of the solution. At the conclusion of the study the student present to the school board their solution to be more energy conservation driven. Taking it a step further NEUTEX has created a school fundraiser for residential LED lighting that allows students to sell LED Lighting to their parents and friends with proceeds of sales being awarded to the school. We feel the time is now to fund raise around energy conservation instead of wrapping paper, cookie dough and chocolate bars. The student’s parent benefit by a similar energy audit on their home that the student completes during the weeklong curriculum.

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