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NTX Labs

commercial lighting company
NTX Labs, which is a subsidiary of NAEG (NEUTEX Advanced Energy Group), was designed at first to support the Lighting products of NAEG. It was soon realized that NTX Labs could reach out to other lighting companies to assist in the testing of third party products. NTX Labs is currently striving forward in the certification process that will allow NTX Labs to be an accredited lab for performance testing. The testing programs, directed by the DOE, ANSI and others, will be performed at the local Houston, Texas location. We are also working toward the ETL mark by for the product safety certification. We provide our clients one-stop-shopping quality through our leading international expertise, and state of the art product testing facilities. We support the SSL and LED industry in following area: Testing of LED Arrays, LED Modules, Lamps and Luminaires. Our engineering staff that can review ideas and offer opinions for improvement. A qualified R&D team to assist in the development of new luminaires A Quality Assurance team We support companies from basic research such as LED module performance through pre-compliance testing and accredited testing in conjunction with our certification partners like Intertek, to international standards and performance schemes such as Lighting Facts, DLC (DesignLight Consortium), CEC, Energy Star, Lighting Facts, EcoDesign, Energy Labeling, and safety schemes like ENEC, CE, GS and UL/ETL Marks. Our clients can rely on our expertise and knowledge of the industry, from R&D to full compliance tests, which will allow our clients to focus on other parts of their critical business activities and opportunities.

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