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Lighting 101: LED Lighting for Schools Made Simple

led lighting for schools made simple

LED technology is nothing new, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits associated with this type of lighting. But there’s something to be said when it comes to hearing about the benefits of LED lighting versus actually seeing the payoff first-hand. That brings us to one of the most popular applications for commercial LEDs in Houston – LED lighting for schools.

Schools are big buildings that cost a lot to maintain. So if a school district can trim down on overhead costs and provide more for its students, it only makes sense to explore such options. And that just so happens to be one of the big benefits of LED lights – they run much more efficiently than incandescent and fluorescent lights and also last for significantly longer. Take the East Whittier School District in California, for instance. By making the switch to LED lights, the savings were so significant that it was able to add two full-time positions – a move that benefits the strength of the district as well as the students it serves.

Here’s a closer look at how commercial LED lighting for schools can save a school district some serious money:

How LED Lighting for Schools Saves Money

In the National Center for Education‘s Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities, you’ll find a whole list of reasons energy efficiency is key when deciding on lighting suppliers. On the NCES Maintenance checklist, lighting is so important it has it’s own category. It’s clear that there’s a huge gap when it comes to providing efficient lighting for schools, and we’re extremely committed to helping schools save money, protect their students, and promote classroom success.

Check out how we partnered with Houston’s St. Anne Catholic School to provide industry-leading lighting to a local school in need and learn more about creating a functional classroom in the information below.

LEDs are more efficient for Classrooms

As we noted in the opening, one of the big draws of LED lighting is that it is much more efficient compared to fluorescent or incandescent lighting. In fact, it’s estimated that LEDs are upwards of 50 percent more efficient, potentially reducing utility costs for schools by as much as 30 percent.

Some estimate that combining LED lighting with natural daylight can help a school building save up to 70 percent on energy costs. Considering that schools in the U.S. spend about $8 billion per year total on energy, this is significant.

school lighting that improves maintenance costsLED Lighting cuts School Maintenance Costs

Another way this type of School Lighting can put money back into the school budget is by lasting impressively long. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, about 50 times the length of a typical incandescent bulb. This thereby allows schools to save over time on replacement bulbs and maintenance costs.

Motion sensors can be configured with LED lights to save on energy consumption even more, thereby working to dim or shut off lights in rooms that have been vacated. Simply put, motion sensors make LED lighting even more efficient.

LEDs also save money on maintenance costs. That’s because unlike conventional lighting, they are way more durable. They won’t shatter nearly as easily as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, reducing cleanups throughout the school. What’s more is that they’re safe. These school lights emit very little heat, greatly reducing the risk of overheating or causing a fire, and they don’t contain any harmful materials, such as mercury which means a safer school for your students.

school safety iconImproving School Safety with Commercial LED Lighting Options

LED lights can also help a school save money via preventative means. For instance, potential theft or vandalism that can occur in a parking lot or on a playground can be minimized. Color rendering of LED lights is much better than alternative lighting sources, thereby making such areas a safer place.

Not only that, but it’s virtually risk-free. Minnesota-based Ridgeway Community Schools received a grant back in 2014 that provided funding for the purchase and installation of LED lighting. And that’s just one district nationwide that has been awarded grant money for this purpose. In many cases, there’s no risk or financial investment for districts, allowing them to save even more on the benefits of LED lights.


academic performance iconLED Lighting Can Improve Academic Performance

LEDs produce better light – and studies show that better light improves functioning. LED lights are the next best thing to natural daylight, and are shown to improve student performance and test results, all which can help a school gain more funding.

As you can see, there stands to be great payoff regarding LED lighting for schools, particularly when it comes to commercial LEDs in Houston. For more information on LED lighting and how it can save your commercial building money, contact us today.

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