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Top 10 Commercial LED Light Fixtures to Boost Sales

commercial led light fixtures
outdoor commercial led lighting examplesThe benefits of LED, or light-emitting diode, lights are well documented. As a review, LED lights are long-lasting, up to 90 percent more energy efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs and they are also durable enough to stand up to the rigors of just about any type of environment, whether it be indoors or outdoors, in the heat or in the cold. The latter reason (i.e. the durability to stand up to even the most extreme environments) makes commercial LED light fixtures in retail or service store establishments especially valuable. That’s because doing so helps store managers and business owners realize much more than just the economical benefits – but LED lighting in commercial environments can also help boost sales by drawing attention to certain merchandise. The ASID makes the point, “What we sense in a space, consciously or unconsciously, can affect how we feel about ourselves, the people we interact with or the institution housed in that space.” Here’s a closer look at some of the top LED commercial lighting fixtures that can help boost sales AND improve your customer experience:

Top 10 Commercial LED Light Fixtures to Increase Sales

  • LED Motion Sensor Fixtures:

    • Increasing sales in a retail environment is all about getting customers to notice certain merchandise – and what does a better job of accomplishing that than motion-sensored commercial LED light fixtures? The turning on of lights as customers pass a certain area is certain to make customers take notice of whatever it is the lights are illuminating. After that, it’s just up to your merchandise to be good enough to close the sale.
  • LED Landscape Lighting:

    • These lights are great for outdoor displays or window displays.Typically, landscape lighting fixtures are installed to light the display from the ground up, which can certainly show off merchandise in a cool, unique way.
  • LED Recessed Spotlights:

    • Recessed spotlight lighting makes for a great addition to any kitchen, master bedroom closet or basement.That’s why it should make sense for many of the home improvement stores to include LED recessed spotlights in their display sections, to help customers better visualize projects.
  • LED Tape Lights:

    • Tape lights are a bit more unusual than the others on this list, but they can do wonders for outlining a display, whether that display is in a window or on a floor. What’s more is that because tape lights come in a string, businesses have the ability to make unconventional light patterns with them to showcase merchandise in new, unique ways.
  • LED Display Lights:

    • These lights can be used in so many different commercial environments to help boost sales. For instance, a retail store might install the display fixtures from overhead, drawing attention to certain products or merchandise. A hardware store might install them to show off how they can be used in the kitchen.Like we said, there are many possibilities.
  • LED Floodlights:

    • Floodlights might not actually be tied to boosting sales of specific product so much as they’re helpful in keeping your store or business safe from would-be thieves. Install them on the outside of your store near any entrances and in the parking lot to keep it well lit after dark for added store security.This also helps make your establishment a more welcoming place for evening shoppers.
  • LED Light Bars:

    • These bars are ideal to install hanging from overhead in display cases and over select displays in grocery stores. For instance, they work well in produce sections.
  • LED Adjustable Showcase Lights:

    • Adjustable showcase lights are flexible and helpful. They’re somewhat similar to LED display lights in that they illuminate merchandise from overhead, but they’re generally attached to a pole and subsequent anchor that sits on the ground.This pole delivers enhanced flexibility in that these LED showcase lights can be adjusted as the product or merchandise that it is intended to showcase changes. These commercial LED light fixtures are needed more than they’re used, and can completely change the feel of your subject matter.
  • LED Strip Lights:

    • LED strip lights are similar to tape lights, except they are smaller in size and length and only designed to showcase a certain area, where as tape lights can be rolled out to illuminate a much bigger space.Strip lights look extremely sharp and professional and help deliver a similar vibe to the products that you’re attempting to show off with their light.
  • LED Dimmer Bars:

    • Just as boosting sales is all about getting a customer’s attention, it’s also about setting the right lighting mood. That’s where dimmer bars come in handy, as they can help create a peaceful, calm ambiance.On that note, LED dimmer bars aren’t ideal for every commercial environment, but in the right setting and combined with the right merchandise, they can go a long way toward creating an environment that can improve sales.

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