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NEUTEX Advanced Energy Group Inc.™ today announced that Gordon Quan, Co-Chairman of FosterQuan LLP. the nation’s second largest immigration law firm, was appointed to the company’s board of directors, allowing the board to be comprised of 8 members. Board chairman John C. Higgins summed up the decision; “Mr. Quan has extraordinary legal, business and government experience and expertise, and we are delighted that he is joining the NEUTEX™ board of directors.” Currently, Gordon Quan serves as Co-Chairman of FosterQuan LLP, an immigration law firm located in Houston, Texas, whose services are designed to assist individuals pursuing citizenship, temporary work visas, naturalization and litigation. “Mr. Quan brings a wealth of experience, from a legal perspective, as well as the insights that come from running a successful global law firm and holding a leadership role in local government. He will be a great addition to our board,” said Mark Sam, NEUTEX™ Chief Financial Officer. “I am honored to join the NEUTEX™ board and work with this exceptional team,” Quan said. “NEUTEX™ is poised to be a leader across the entire LED lighting technology landscape for decades, and I look forward to sharing my experiences and contributing to the future direction and growth of this growing enterprise.” Elected as the first Asian American member of the Houston City Council, in 1999, Mr. Quan’s work on store safety issues earned him the prestigious “Council Member of the Year” Award by the Houston Police Officers Union. He was also honored by the American Institute of Architects for his leadership on providing a plan for affordable housing. Recently, Mr. Quan was named as one of the “Lawyers of The Year” for immigration law in Texas by the Best Lawyers in America survey. In 2001, Gordon was selected by the Houston Mayor and City Council to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem. Since leaving office, Mr. Quan has continued to serve the Houston community in myriad ways including as chair of the Asian Chamber of Commerce; as vice chair of the Asia Society-Texas Center; working on the advisory board of Catholic Charities and the Women’s Home; and as a board member of Neighborhood Centers Inc. For his selfless work on behalf of others, Gordon was selected as the recipient of the 2009 International Service Award by the Houston’s Junior Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Quan attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a degree in History and Government. Returning to Houston, Mr. Quan taught at E.O. Smith Junior High School in the Fifth Ward. Additionally, he earned a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Houston, and went on to earn his law degree from the South Texas College of Law.

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