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Magazine names Houston best place for corporate relocation and expansion

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A positive sign when it comes to jobs here in the greater Houston area as a national publication has named it the best place in the country for corporate relocation and expansion. The magazine “Site Selection” is the latest publication to put southeast Texas atop its list of post-recession boomtowns. And it’s just the latest sign that Houston is bouncing back faster than a lot of other big cities, creating opportunities for business owners and employees. You might not have heard of Site Selection magazine, but for business owners looking to move their companies it’s a Bible of sorts and it’s preaching the praises of southeast Texas. “It means that the area is being considered a desirable location for new business,” said Mark Arend with Site Selection magazine. What the magazine is reporting to the country is something so many of us here already know — that Houston entered the recession late, is exiting it early, and is growing quickly as a result. Already this year, publications have called the Houston area the number one manufacturing city, the fastest at growing wages, number one for technological job growth, and number one for new plants and expansion. “All of these announcements, we know, are not accidental. It’s because we do have such a vibrant, robust business climate,” said Jeff Moseley with the Greater Houston Partnership. Friday’s announcement was held inside one of those businesses that relocated its manufacturing here to Houston. Neutex Lighting, which we featured last month for its move here, brought its plant from China and is hiring 150 workers here. “Houston’s the best place; it’s not just a good place. Houston’s the best place for business. It gives you opportunity. You have leaders who stand behind you,” said John Higgins with Neutex Lighting. Neutex makes energy efficient light bulbs. Manufacturing begins in the next 30 days. So it’s appropriate maybe that this is the place chosen to celebrate another publication putting a spotlight on Houston. Site Selection took into account new businesses that invested $1 million or more, hired at least 50 people, or built at least 20-thousand square feet. After the Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land metro area was Chicago, Pittsburgh and Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington. (Copyright ©2012 KTRK-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

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