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HOUSTON, March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — NEUTEX Advanced Energy Group™, parent company of NEUTEX Lighting™, the leading provider of some of the most innovative, energy efficient, advanced lighting solutions available, officially broke ground on the reconstruction of a 40,000 square foot building on March 24th. When completed, the facility will serve as their global corporate headquarters and premier U.S. based manufacturing hub of innovative and energy efficient LED lighting. The existing, vacant facility, which NEUTEX has begun to “recycle,” is located at 15700 Vickery Road, near Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Annise Parker, the environmentally minded mayor of Houston, Texas attended the ceremony speaking at length with NEUTEX President and CEO, John Higgins, about the sustainability issues the City of Houston faces and the key role that NEUTEX will play in creating a form of LED lighting that will save energy for businesses and homeowners alike. The Mayor also extended thanks for the job creation opportunities, so critical for the region, that NEUTEX will create, once the facility is completed. “It is an honor and privilege to have the support of Mayor Parker, who shares our vision of environmentally minded industry, while at the same time emphasizing job creation. NEUTEX has the privilege to be welcomed with open arms in the energy capital and fulfill both needs. We are proud of our plans to bring environmentally based manufacturing jobs to Houston, and proud that Mayor Parker took her precious time to be a part of it.” Indeed, in addition to the over 20 people currently on the NEUTEX team, over 50 more positions are anticipated in May 2011 when the manufacturing lines for their LED lights go online. The company also foresees the potential to increase offerings of 500 new jobs to the area if the sales projections are met. “Houston welcomes NEUTEX to the energy capital of the world. NEUTEX’s commitment to innovative and sustainable energy is evident in its decision to ‘recycle’ a 40,000 square foot facility into a manufacturing plant with a strategic location next to Bush International Airport,” said Mayor Annise Parker. “I also think they will be an influence and an example to other companies that going green can help business’ bottom line.” John Higgins discussed the energy cost savings relevant to their LED advanced lighting technologies and introduced the members of his management team. NEUTEX staff members offered tours around the property and building during which they explained the growth plan for NEUTEX and the NEU Path to Illumination™ that will be based in the Energy Capital of the World; Houston, Texas. Other speakers that addressed the nearly 100 attendees during the ceremony included Ms. Yolanda Green, host of Houston’s CW39 Channel’s “Going Green” program; Mr. Jarvis Johnson, Houston City Council Member; and Mr. Reggie Gray, President of the Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce and North Houston Economic Development Council. The new headquarters, which will include full LED manufacturing lines, the company’s corporate operations and R&D clean-rooms is actually the company’s second Houston office, but will become their primary base. John Higgins, President and CEO of the company, says the sufficient space offered by the new offices will allow NEUTEX to continue its explosive growth rate, while ensuring that all the energy efficient technologies so important to them are integrated in the building as well. Also important to the team was remaining in Houston. “It only made sense for the company blazing the trail in the advancement of energy usage should be located in the energy capital of the world,” explains Mr. Higgins. Of crucial importance was that even in times of burgeoning growth, NEUTEX remained true to its core philosophies. They could have built a brand new, state of the art building; given the company’s background in construction and their initial burgeoning growth. However, the company’s leadership knew the better solution was to give life back to an existing, vacant building; one of the many that are beginning to dot the landscape. “With everything that already can be recycled, we thought ‘why not a building?'” explains Mr. Higgins. With that in mind, the team sought out an existing building that had the potential to be turned into a LEED certified structure and began establishing their unique “building recycling” program which includes re-using steel and lumber framing when available or applicable and using funds gained from recycling the massive amounts of lead sheets and metal frames to purchase new ones. “I only see exceptional growth for the future of this company. We offer high quality, incredibly energy efficient products, many of which will be MADE IN THE USA! Founded in 2009, NEUTEX Lighting™ is the maker of some of the most advanced lighting products available. The use of key technologies; LED, Induction & Wind / Solar Hybrids feature unprecedented energy efficiency and quality. For more information about NEUTEX Lighting™ or to begin your journey down The NEU Path To Illumination™ visit their website at For more information of the entire group of the NEUTEX Advanced Energy Group of companies offered in the NEUTEXWorld, visit

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